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Systems Integration and Automation

Areas of Expertise

As one stop shopping solution, KSGE SYSTEMS GROUP Ltd has been investing in systems integrations to respond to high demand in High tech innovation solutions in the area of:

SECURITY: KSGE SYSTEMS GROUP LTD designs and installs CCTV Systems which is a set of Security surveillance, alarm and monitoring system that provides a 24/7 client’s premises monitoring and video recording that can be accessed locally and via online internet using a remote PC, iphone or Blackberry devices.

HOME / OFFICE & INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION: KSGE SYSTEMS GROUP LTD has come out with its HOIA PRO SYSTEMS which is a subset of HOME/ OFFICE & INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION PRO SYSTEMS that enables the client to operate the environment by controlling, appliances such as Heating Air Conditioning, Doors, and Pool. Its controls all premises’ Lights ON and OFF include machinery PLC.

1.- Data, Telecom and Voice Networks

2.- Systems Integration and Automation

3.- Products, Services and Support

4.- Consultancy and Project Management

5.- Import /Export

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