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Products, Services and Support

Areas of Expertise

Our innovation in systems integration offers a variety of products and services backed by our dedicated Support service with clear and concise Service Level of Agreement (SLA).

KSGE SYSTEMS GROUP Ltd is distinguished from others for the quality of its Staff and the support we offer to our clients. Our field technicians and Service Desk representative are highly trained and posses the Know-how experience in customer service and support.

We offer a choice of 3 support plans: Basic, Premium and Optimum. Please call us for more details and current promotions at 416 752 9899 or our Toll Free 1 866 663 2398.

As a value added and best effort to our Clients, KSGE SYSTEMS GROUP Ltd. staffs can assist you in the purchase of any product that we support ranged from a small to large system include custom installations.

Our IT Services and Support include:

*Set up, Manage and Maintain Computer Networks: LAN, MAN and WAN /Wireless.
*SERVERS/Desktop /Laptops/Printer installs and configurations with all OS versions.
*Windows Server 2003, SBS 2003 and Ms Exchange set up and configuration.
*Repairs and Maintenance.
*End Users technical training.
*Update and maintain all systems with Antivirus and spyware removal.
*24/7 Support plan.
*IT Outsourcing is now a reality for all sizes of businesses! Better technology, lower bandwidth costs and companies that specializes in this field all make outsourcing a serious discussion topic inside every organization.

KSGE SYSTEMS GROUP Ltd. offers IT Outsourcing that is affordable, and flexible enough to fit into any business environment.

We service all small businesses by providing so-called all-you-can-eat tech support for a set monthly price. It can be a smart option for businesses that either can't afford the $60K to $75K per year salary it takes to keep a full-time computer expert on staff or who don't want to be left unprotected when their only one, expert gets sick, goes on vacation or quits.

Fact: When there's tech trouble at a big company, end users usually know who to call to try to get the problem fixed. But for small businesses, a technology setback can instantly turn blue. Since dealing with Internet connections, software upgrades, virus protection and e-mail was becoming a distraction, lots of companies that are now our clients made a wise decision to hire KSGE Date & Voice Networks Solutions to take care of all information technology for a small monthly fee compared to 50k t0 65k of individual salary. Outsourcing is the word.

Since flat-fee IT support companies are paid a consistent amount no matter how much help a client needs, they say it's in their own best financial interest to keep their clients' computer systems in good shape.

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